About Us


Pakwaan Tiffin’s was started in 2010 by Rajesh Chouhan, who established the company out of sheer passion for providing professionally & freshly prepared authentic Indian cuisine, meticulously packed & delivered right to the doorstep. Rajesh has an impeccable taste and meticulous eye for detail. Since its inception, the company has built an enviable reputation amongst working professionals, homemakers, students and the physically challenged, in London, United Kingdom.

Pakwaan Tiffin’s

When time is short, lunch can sometimes be a headache. Are you fed up with supermarket sandwiches and the staff canteen? The alternative might be getting up at the crack of dawn to prepare a healthy homemade option, but that seems like hard work on top of your already demanding day!

Pakwaan Tiffin’s have the perfect solution.

Fresh, healthy and authentic, homemade Indian Punjabi food delivered straight to your place of work in disposable, temperature controlled lunchboxes called 'Tiffin’s'. Why not take the hassle out of lunches and treat yourself to a Pakwaan Tiffin. We provide both vegetarian  and non-vegetarian Tiffin’s from as little as £6.99.

What is Pakwaan Tiffin’s?

The word “Tiffin” was used during the “Raj” by the British in India and simply means “lunch”. Tiffin delivery began in Mumbai, India in 1890. Till date city workers in Mumbai have been lunching in this way. We have now transported this idea to London. Our custom made Tiffin comprises of four disposable compartments stacked one on top of the other ready for you to eat. Our meals are prepared in facilities with a high standard of adherence to quality control to ensure that every meal delivered is made from the best quality ingredients and conforms to international quality standards without compromising on taste.

Choose from one our sumptuous Tiffin Menus, A la carte menu, deserts menu or Beverages menu and we will deliver your selected order to you, between the hours of 11.30am - 2pm.

To order your Pakwaan Tiffin or from our extensive delivery menu, call us on 01245 422 891 or order online NOW!